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Waxing refers to a form of hair removal in which the hair is removed by means of warm wax. In contrast to shaving, the hair is removed when growing with the hair root. As with all methods of epilation, hair growth slows down. Therefore, the skin remains smooth longer than during depilation (e. g. shaving), the regrowing hair is thinner, less conspicuous and softer.

How does waxing work?

When dehairing with wax, the warm viscous wax is applied with a spatula to the area to be depilated. After a short time, the wax cools down and solidifies. The wax is then removed with a jerk. Several forms of treatment can be considered as a follow-up treatment. Because hair removal with wax poses a greater risk of breaking and growing hair due to the hardness of the wax, daily exfoliation, as well as creams against growing hair as well as hair growth inhibiting creams are suggested. A disadvantage of waxing is the pain of the procedure and the sometimes too hot wax. The perception of pain is subject to strong individual fluctuations. Waxing is at least generally described as unpleasant. Cooling or analgesic creams do not help. During the treatment and the result (increased hair breakage) will be negatively affected

Difference between Sugaring and Waxing

Waxing and sugaring differ in many aspects whether in consistency, application or treatment interval.


Sugar gel, in the right soft and elastic consistency, is connected to the hair by repeated rubbing and thus prevents broken hair and unnecessary irritation of the skin surface. The skin is much less irritated and the treatment is less painful than with hair removal with wax. The separation of sugar gel and skin is done much more gently by professional technology. However, wax cannot change and can be adapted to the skin. When growing, the mass is usually applied too hot. This is not the case with the sugar gel depilation. The sugar gel can be used without heating it. With professional application there is no possibility of contracting burns


The sugar gel is applied by hand, which gives a more pleasant feeling than when depilating with wax. This means that the whole body is dehaired by the hand and the sugar gel alone. Unlike waxing, the sugar gel is always soft when used professionally. The cooled and hard wax hits the soft skin and hair, thus increasing the chance of hair breakage compared to sugaring. The sugar gel captures the hair further down thanks to the soft consistency and allows the peeling of the sugar gel in as well as against the hair growth direction without breaking the hair.

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