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Permanent Make Up in Zurich

More freshness and expressiveness

What has permanent make-up to offer?

Permanent PMU is a cosmetic tattooing/pigmentation specifically for the face. Unlike our microblading in Zurich, PMU is used for each of the facial areas mentioned above.

By pigmenting a PMU, you get a permanently durable and enhanced shading of the eyebrows, lips and lash line. For the eyelids and lips, pigmentation of eyeliner as well as lip liner is very much in trend.

Durability of permanent make-up

Like classic tattoos, permanent make-up slightly fades after some time as well. Experience has shown that pigmentation lasts up to 5 years. In rare cases, the PMU fades after 2 years already, depending on the respective skin type.

In contrast to mineral pigments, dyes with organic pigments can change their original color.

In the section “What should I keep in mind for my upcoming PMU appointment?” you will find tips that guarantee a long-lasting and bright pigmentation.

The history of permanent make-up

As early as 3,000 BC, humans had pigmented various pictures on their bodies by using herbal substances. Permanent make-up was used to emphasize natural beauty, not uncommonly also to conceal striking aesthetic deficits. At the time of Cleopatra, it was even used to visibly represent the social status. PMUs were very popular among the Incas, Mayas, Aztecs and Greeks. In China and Japan, both permanent make-up and tattooing were popular 1,000 years before the birth of Christ.

In 1819, the Danish scientist Örsted invented the first “modern” battery-powered device for applying permanent make-up.

In 1876, the American Thomas Alva Edison invented a technically advanced application version called “Tattoo Machine” and patented it.

In 1880 in the USA, Doctor Crowe Boroda carried out the first application of permanent make-up using the Tattoo Machine.

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During this time of the month, many women are often more sensitive to pain. The stimulus tends to result in minor bleeding, which does not keep the color in the skin as desired.

Medicaments/blood thinner

For 2 days prior to treatment, no blood thinners should be administered.

When should I not have my permanent make-up done?

  • with infectious diseases
  • during pregnancy and lactation period
  • with diabetes and as a bleeder (endogenously or exogenously decreased blood clotting ability)
  • with epilepsy
  • in case of severe physical illness
  • if there is a risk of the formation of keloid scars
  • when taking blood-thinning medications (e.g. containing ingredients such as phenprocoumone, acetylsalicylic acid etc.)

After treatment

In the first few days, the color result is generally a lot stronger than after the healing process (about 1 week). During this time, slight swelling or redness may occur briefly. Experience has shown that these disappear after 2 to 3 days. There is a possibility that smaller crusts may form after treatment. In order not to interfere with the final result, you should not actively remove them (“scrape off”), but carefully treat the areas with a nourishing ointment.