Hair Removal Beine Sugaring

Ingrown hair removal in Zurich

What is Intimacial?

  • Complete cosmetic treatment for the intimate area of the woman.
  • Removal of ingrown hair & impurities in the intimate area.
  • Measures to prevent ingrown hair. Expert advice on home care.
  • Expert advice on home care.

We are well aware of the intimacy and discretion of this treatment and would like to provide you with comprehensive information at this point. In this treatment specially designed for the intimate area of the woman, we focus on your most sensitive area. With nourishing active ingredients and products, we will start where your needs begin.

A representative study from 2014 has recently shown that over 65% of female respondents regularly remove their body hair. Just removing the hair by wet shaving can often lead to ingrown hair and to remove it again it requires professional know-how.

To avoid ingrown hair right from the start, you can treat yourself to a professional hair removal in Zurich. Shaving problems are prevented with methods such as sugaring and waxing.

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