Tipps & Tricks Haarentfernung

Preparation and aftercare for hair removal

Before the treatment


In general, you should peel the area to be treated 5-7 days before each hair removal. In this way you remove dead skin cells and avoid ingrown hair. Also from 1 week after the hair removal you have to peel regularly. The Peel Silk is ideal for this.

No Oil's or Creams

Do not use any oils or creams on the area to be treated 24 hours before hair removal so that the sugar really sticks to the hair.


After the Treatment


Also from 1 week after the treatment you should peel regularly with the Peel Silk to avoid ingrown hairs.

Perfumed products and allergy sufferers

Do not use perfumed products on the treated skin for 1-2 days. This also applies to deodorants. The treated area should only be washed with water on the same day. Do not use soap until the next day.

Protection from the sun

Up to 24 hours after the hair removal, you should not expose the treated skin to the sun, infrared lamps or UV light of a solarium.

Skin Care

After the treatment the skin is irritated which is why a soothing care is essential. Products such as Calm Water Gel provide moisture and have a calming effect.

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