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Hair and Hairgrowth

Strength and development of hair growth are mainly ethnic (pedigree) and inherited. Quality, quantity, shape and colour of the hair are closelyrelated to the type and age of the person. The reasons why head andbody hair can change in the course of life have not yet been fully researched.

Human hair is a complex structure consisting mainly of various hornsubstances (keratin). These horn substances resemble those of thefingernails. They are made up of hardly soluble, sulphur-containing, mostly fibrous basic materials. (Note: From this it can be deduced how aggressive depilatory creams must be in order to reach their goal). Hairconsists of about 4% sulphur, 6% hydrogen, 17% nitrogen, 23% oxygenand almost 50% carbon. The hair itself is composed of three layers: a dandruff layer, a fibre layer and the medullary canal. The hair growsdiagonally out of the hair follicle, which also determines the hair crosssection. The cross-section is also defined in the hereditary programmeand is therefore very different depending on the origin.

Growth phases & Function

The hair does not grow steadily, but cyclically in certain, different phases. Normally, 85% of the hairs are in the growth phase (anagen), 15% in the transition phase (catagen) or the resting phase (telogen). Originally, hair had a protective function, especially against cold and sun rays. In our civilization they have lost this task. More hair meant better protection. That is why redheads have the most and strongest hair. Their skin produces less melanin than blondes or dark haired people and compensates for this by growing more hair. Hair removal is easiest on black haired people (southern types). However, these hairs are most visible to the eye. In addition, the decrease in hair growth seems to occur much more slowly in this type than in other types.

Professional Hair Removal

For professional hair removal in Zurich, we use methods such as sugaring and waxing, which have been proven to reduce the growth rate of the hair and weaken the hair roots.

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