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Gesichtbehandlung im Kosmetikstudio Zürich

HR Hydrodermabrasion Classic

Double cleaning, peeling/skin renewal, cleaning, insertion IonActive ionactive ingredients with Hydrodermabrasion mask, final care.

With the Hydrodermabrasion you will experience an unprecedented deep cleansing of your skin with instantly visible anti-aging effect, which is suitable for any skin type. We use special care products and active ingredients from Dermalogica & Dermaline.

Enjoy your time off from everyday life and treat her skin to the deep care she deserves.

Hydrafacial Zürich

HR Hydodermabrasion Anti-Age

Double cleaning, peeling/skin renewal, cleaning, insertion IonActive active ingredients, mask & microcurrent therapy, final care.

Maximum intensification during the entire facial treatment by Hydrodermabrasion & Microcurrent therapy

In this treatment, your skin receives our most exclusive and effective facial treatment. Through the use of Hydrodermabrasion we achieve in the first part of their treatment, a very deep cleaning and maximum humidification. In the second part, we focus specifically on the rejuvenation of their skin. The targeted integration of microcurrent therapy, ensures an e-optimal injection of the active ingredients and brings you an immediate and sustained wrinkle smoothing with the desired glow effect

Hydrafacial in Zürich

HR Acne Treatment

Double cleaning, peeling/skin renewal, cleaning, insertion IonActive active ingredients, final care

In this treatment specially designed for the impure skin, we focus on where many other conventional products fail. The causes of impure skin are inheritance, a disrupted immune system or fat metabolism, mental stress, or over-supply by false, usually too oily cosmetics. An analysis of skin problems is an absolute must in this treatment. Appropriate cleansing and soothing ingredients are inserted into your skin in order to achieve a lasting change in the skin balance.


Gesichtsbehandlung in Zürich

HR Microcurrent Facial

Double cleansing, peeling/skin renewal, purification, infiltration of IonActive active ingredients with Hydrodermabrasion, mask & microcurrent, final care.

This facial treatment differs from the “HR Acne Treatment” by a small but very important detail. We specifically integrate microcurrent therapy in order to speed up the healing process of their damaged skin and at the same time work preventively. Additionally, you get an anti-aging effect by using microcurrent. Her skin is immediately tighter and praller, deep wrinkles are smoothed, fine wrinkles are barely visible and her face appears in a fresh complexion.

Microcurrent in Zürich

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