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Facial in Zurich

HR Hydrodermabrasion Classic

Double cleaning, peeling/skin renewal, cleaning, insertion IonActive ingredients with Hydrodermabrasion / mask, final care

Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin

Treatment with hydrodermabrasion will provide you with a cleansing of your skin with an immediate effect.

This treatment is more effective than the classic facial treatment. With the hydrodermabrasion, the products get deep into your skin and care from the inside out.

We provide your skin with the best natural care. This will bring it back into shape.

During the treatment we use specially tailored care products and active ingredients from Dermalogica & Dermaline.

Enjoy your break from everyday life and give your skin the care it deserves.

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Hydrafacial Zürich

HR Hydodermabrasion Anti-Age

 Double cleansing, peeling, cleansing by hydrodermabrasion / introduction of IonActive active ingredients and mask by microcurrent therapy / final care

Suitable for mature & very dry skin

Maximum intensification throughout the facial treatment with hydrodermabrasion and microcurrent.

In this anti-aging treatment your skin will experience our most effective facial treatment. By using hydrodermabrasion we achieve a very deep cleansing and maximum moisturizing in the first part.

In the second part we focus specifically on Anti Aging. The Microcurrent facial from New York, causes an increased blood circulation by the penetration of the electric waves into the skin. This leads to less visible signs of aging and a more intense effect of the active ingredients.

This allows an immediate and lasting smoothing of wrinkles, as well as reduction of dark circles under the eyes. You get the glow effect you want, which allows you to do without makeup.

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Hydrafacial in Zürich

HR Hydrodermabrasion Acne

Double cleaning, peeling, cleaning by hydrodermabrasion / Manual cleaning, introduction of IonActive active ingredients and mask by microcurrent therapy / final care Suitable for skin prone to impurities

This facial treatment has been specially formulated for skin prone to impurities. Does her skin grease quickly? then you've come to the right place for this treatment.

We start where many other acne treatments fail and address your individual needs. In addition to the cleansing by hydrodermabrasion, you will also experience a peeling.

Dead skin cells, papules & pustules as well as subsurface impurities are successfully eliminated.

This is exactly the point where microcurrent therapy comes into play. Your skin is soothed with immediate effect and valuable nutrients reach your skin.

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Gesichtsbehandlung in Zürich

HR Microcurrent Acne Calm

Double cleansing, peeling, selective cleansing / introduction of IonActive active ingredients and mask by microcurrent therapy / final care

Suitable for acute acne and highly inflamed skin

Instead of the classic facial treatment, we specifically use microcurrent therapy here. The healing of damaged skin as well as papules and pustules is accelerated enormously with this treatment. At the same time, microcurrent therapy provides you with the most effective preventive measure.

In addition, you will experience a wonderful effect through the use of microcurrent. The result is firmer skin, a plumper face and a fresh complexion.

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Microcurrent in Zürich

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